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Now you can not only enjoy our films, you can make your own too. We at Wacky Tie Films also provide rental services and offer a variety of different professional cinematography-, sound- and light equipment. Unfortunately our price list is only in Finnish but if you need information in English, don't hesitate to ask. Check out our list here.

For Emma, Forever Ago

Our music video for Jonna Tervomaa's Minä Toivon is nominated for an Emma award - the finnish Grammy - in the category of best music video of the year. Congratulations to the whole crew!

Walking With Spiders

Wacky Tie Films is proud to invite everyone to the world premiere of Martta Tuomaala’s short documentary “I Am A Spider”, held January 11th, 5 PM at Arthouse Cinema Niagara, Tampere.

“Skateboards make noise. Skaters hang out in public, getting their kicks in the same urban space that most other people just pass through on their way to their daily duties. Fearlessness, the ability to laugh at pain, and a generally relaxed life are what are usually make it to film when recording skate culture. I Am a Spider opens up other viewpoints”, says Tuomaala.

Filmed on two continents, the movie follows the dreams, fears, discordancies and similarities of skaters from different nationalities. The film’s static and even dreamlike imagery, accompanied by APROX.’s electronically immersive soundtrack, makes it unlike any skateboarding documentary you’ve seen before.
Cinematography by Kerttu Hakkarainen

An earlier cut of the film was screened to the public twice in August at Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, as a part of Urban Art Festival 2013. After its warm reception we can’t wait to hear your comments about this final cut.

See you at the premiere!

Milk, Beasts and Videotape

Our good friends at Beastmilk finally have their debut album coming out. While waiting for "Climax", check out this brand new music video we made for them.

In this day of DSLR cinematography we were nothing but thrilled to turn on our old VCR deck and get all wrapped up in nostalgia for this one.

Hot Tub Tie Machine

Wacky Tie Films had the pleasure of attending the 9th Reikäreuna film festival in Orivesi.

In addition to day-to-day youtube videos, we also produced this little collage of the weekend. For now the video is only in finnish, but the images speak for the overall mood. And we guess Jari Halonen's presence sort of takes down all the language barriers.

This will not be the last Reikäreuna hears of Wacky Tie Films; let's just say they have a few tricks up their sleeve for next year's 10th year anniversary. Stay tuned for more!


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